Indian Dreaming Slot Machine

Indian Dreaming slot is made in Indian themes. Players will have to delve into the setting of Indian culture, look at the local traditions and paraphernalia. The indian dreaming slot has impressive effects, user-friendly controls and themed music. In slot two characters with special features. Wild is a Dreamcatcher amulet that can replace other characters besides the scatter, and thereby contribute to the construction of a winning combination. Scatter - the image of an eagle. Composing a combination of three eagles, the player will win 10 free spins. After dropping successful sets, the player gets a chance to participate in a risk game. When you win, his profit will double. After losing, the player loses all points for the last spin. From the gamer is required to connect the intuition and guess the color of the overturned shirt up the card.



In the presented apparatus, there are two game parameters, with the setting of which the total bet per spin is set. The total bet is the number of credits, which is the cost of one rotation of the reels. The number of active game lines is selected by the Bet one button in the range from 1 to 9. You can also click on one of the switches with a selected number of lines that are located along the edges of the playing field. The line bet is set with the “-” and “+” buttons in the Value menu, ranging from 0.05 to 2.2 credits. A higher parameter value increases the player's winning for losing prize-winning combinations of symbols. The cost of rotation is formed by multiplying the selected player indicators. The minimum total rate is 0.45 credit.


In the lower left corner of the screen there are two icons in the form of a speaker and four arrows. The function of the first icon allows you to turn on and off the sound, and the task of the second - when you click to expand the image to full screen. Also, in the upper right corner of the user interface is the Balance tab. When activated, a small information block with a summary of the current state of the game balance drops out.


Starting the Indian Dreaming slot machine


The Spin button starts one rotation of the virtual field drums. From the player's account, this withdraws an amount equal to the total bet set by the user. The Max bet key, which is located in the very center of the control panel, starts one spin with the maximum parameter number of lines. The button function does not affect the flat rate. Auto mode is activated by pressing the Auto spin button. After that, the corresponding menu will open, in which the user can select the number of repetitions in the range of 5 to 100 rotations using the “-” and “+” buttons. The keys Ok and No confirm or cancel the action of the mode. Stopping auto-play after launch is done with the Stop button. The paytable, the layout of the paylines, and a description of the special characters are in the help menu. It opens with a red button View payout, located in the lower left corner of the screen. Unfortunately, the paytable does not automatically calculate values ​​and displays payouts in the form of multipliers per line.


The winning combination in the apparatus is the location of several pictograms on the drums of the field in a horizontal sequence from left to right, starting from the left. Also a prerequisite is the presence of an active gaming line. Scatter symbols can drop randomly.


Symbols and odds in Indian Dreaming video slot


When describing payments for combinations of symbols, a linear rate equal to one loan will be used. This indicator is chosen taking into account its universality, and, consequently, simplicity of calculations. For example, to calculate payouts when playing at the maximum bet, simply multiply the given values ​​by a factor of 2.2.


Special symbols


The device contains special characters, each of which has special properties that help the player to receive or increase rewards. The bonus symbol is implemented as an image of the dux. The presence of three or more such pictures on the active gaming line launches the multi-level Trail of Supreme Bonus Game. Scatter symbol falling out anywhere on the playing field in random order, 4 and 5 icons activate the launch of an additional mode with 3 and 30 free spins, respectively. The “wild” symbol is an image of a figurine of a predatory beast with the characteristic Wild inscription. He is able to replace any icons of the device, except for the scatter and bonus symbol, but in itself it does not bring any rewards.


Standard characters


Standard slot symbols depict various decorations and household items of the Aztec people. Some of the characters can form a combination of only 3, 4, and 5 units. They bring the following winnings to the player in credits:

  • gold disc with four arrows - 2, 10, 40;
  • rectangular green stone in gold setting - 3, 15, 50;
  • vase - 4, 20, 70;
  • feathers - 5, 30, 100.


The characters listed below can be a combination of 2, 3, 4, and 5 units. They earn the user the following reward:

  1. gold disc with a green face - 2, 6, 35, 150;
  2. gold product with an eye - 2, 7, 40, 200;
  3. decoration with a snake, devouring its own tail - 2, 8, 45, 300;
  4. figurine in the form of a fish - 2, 10, 50, 350;
  5. towel with ornament - 3, 15, 50, 500;
  6. pot - 4, 20, 70, 1000;
  7. gold coin on a string - 5, 25, 80, 1 200;
  8. dragon head - 6, 30, 90, 1 500. This is the most highly remunerative symbol in the apparatus. 5 icons when playing at the maximum rate, bring 3 300 credits.


Additional mode with free spins


The bonus round automatically starts 3 or 30 free spins, depending on how many scatter symbols you have on the playing field when activating the mode. Repeated loss of images of the dux, during the action of the round, does not increase the number of prize spins. Upon completion of the free spins, additional mode ends, and all credits are transferred to the user's current account.


Trail of Supreme Bonus Game


Trail of Supreme Bonus Game is a multi-level bonus game in which the player has only one attempt to get a prize. Fortunately, this game is launched quite often, so there is a high chance of success. The first two levels are made up of labyrinths. The user's task is to choose one of three possible ways to reach the center. To do this, there are three buttons in the form of precious stones - yellow, blue and green. In addition to moving to the next level, choosing the right path also brings a small gain in credits. The third level consists of three small fields, each of which is divided into four hidden positions. To receive the main reward, it is necessary to correctly guess the location of the corresponding pictograms in each field. For each correctly selected position, a small credit gain is transferred to the account. With the successful completion of the bonus game, the user receives a large number of virtual credits that are transferred to the player. After that, the game ends, and the transition to the main mode.


Indian Dreaming is a gaming machine with high-quality graphics, small but frequent payout ratios, free spins and a very interesting thematic multi-level game.

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